Land Improvement

Construction of projects for the transfer of water from existing bores. a ) Distribution network b) Irrigation pumping station

The following studies were included in the contract’s subject matter:

a ) the irrigation works of the agricultural areas of the main course of the North Kifisos River from Mavroneri to Orchomenos, fed by the aqueduct system of Kopaida and Distomo, which is under construction, and whose pipes will be used as main transfer pipes. The introductory part, the definitive study and the application study were carried out for the area of Cheronia. The latter projects have already been constructed and are in operation;

b) the required projects for the reverse operation of the Distomo aqueduct, i.e. the projects that must be constructed at the Distomo aqueduct, which is under construction, in order to enable the channelling of water from the Mornos aqueduct to the sharing project of the Kopaida and Distomo aqueducts. The pre-study of the projects was carried out.

The study’s objective was primarily to review the existing study and to draft Tender Information Documents for the irrigation project in Peta-Kompoti, in the Prefecture of Arta , with an area size of 4,000 ha .

The study’s contractual subject matter included:

a ) The channelling and distribution projects’ system for irrigation water;

b) the sewerage, drainage and flood-prevention network in the area;

c) the agricultural road network.

The projects studied at a definitive stage were:

- Water intake from Pournari Reservoir II;

- a steel tube pipe under supply pressure (Q=1080 m 3 /h, diameter of 1500 mm , L=1374 m), Δ1 L=6183 m; Δ2 L = 3739 m ;

- a lifting pumping station Q=1100m 3 /h, Η=5.0 m;

- transfer tubes consisting of canal Δ1 L=6183 m and canal Δ2 L = 3739 m ;

- an irrigation water distribution network (artificial rain network) in an area of 1,369 ha consisting of:

- three daily volume equalising reservoirs with a capacity of 1,500 m 3 to 5,800 m 3 ;

- five supply pumping stations Q=0.180 m 3 /sec to 0.730 m 3 /sec;

- tube network with a diameter between 500 mm and 110 mm and a total length of 19,980 m .

A distribution network was also studied, at a pre-study stage only, for the remaining area of 1,664 ha .

Various alterations and improvements were made on the sewerage/drainage network that had already been studied and on the rural road-building network.

The study’s contractual subject matter includes:

a) Water take up and water transfer works for the irrigation of Zone A;

- Water supply from the central canal of the Kopaida Plain irrigation works; – Water supply from the linking canal through a canal with a length of 9.5 km ;

b ) a review of the definitive study of the irrigation network in Zone A;

c) a central trench and the lower part of the internal canal;

d) agrotechnical/agricultural-financial study;

e ) topographic works;

An application study was also drafted.

The study’s subject matter was the complete study of irrigation, sewerage, drainage and flood-prevention projects of Mesokampos Vatheos Plain, with an area size of approximately 200 ha , in order to fully utilise the area.
This related to the Definitive Study of the irrigation, sewerage/drainage, rural road network and corresponding flood-prevention projects for the area of Ano Manolada, east of the BK Canal and between the Larisos and Vergas torrents. The study’s area size was 2,210 ha. The gross rural area size was 2,130 ha.
The study’s subject matter is the Definitive Utilisation Study of zone IIA, with a gross area size of 8,440 ha . It relates primarily to the sewerage network and secondarily to the drainage network.

The study’s subject matter was:

Technical and Financial Review of the Definitive Study on the following points.

The Technical Review related to:

a) Replacing the proposed water towers with flow meters;

b) installing piping along the side of the road, adhering to the existing mapping;

c) calculating the permanent pipe network and the discharge installations through the iterative discontinuous method of Labye;

d) studying the 2K canal adductor on the ground.

The Financial Review related to the drafting of:

a) Technical Specifications

b) A Price Analysis

c) Estimates

d) Budgets